On 05/04/2011 01:27 PM, Ashley Sheridan wrote:
> On Wed, 2011-05-04 at 13:20 -0600, Jason Gerfen wrote:
>> I am running into a problem using the REGEXP option with filter_var().
>> The string I am using: 09VolunteerApplication.doc
>> The PCRE regex I am using:
>> /^[a-z0-9]\.[doc|pdf|txt|jpg|jpeg|png|docx|csv|xls]{1,4}$/Di
>> The function in it's entirety:
>> return (!filter_var('09VolunteerApplication.doc',
>> array('options'=>array('regexp'=>'/^[a-z0-9]\.[doc|pdf|txt|jpg|jpeg|png|docx|csv|xls]{1,4}$/Di'))))
>> ? false : true;
>> Anyone have any insight into this?
> You missed a + in your regex, at the moment you're only checking to see
> if a file starts with a single a-z or number and then is followed by the
> period. Then you're checking for oddly for one to four extensions in the
> list, are you sure you want to do that? And the square brackets are used
> to match characters, not strings, use the standard brackets to allow
> from a choice of strings
> Try this:
> '/^[a-z0-9]+\.(doc|pdf|txt|jpg|jpeg|png|docx|csv|xls)$/Di'
> One other thing you should be aware of maybe, filenames won't always
> consist of just the letters a-z and numbers 0-9, they may contain
> accented or foreign letters, hyphens, spaces and a number of other
> characters depending on the client machines OS. Windows allows very few
> characters for example compared to the Unix-like OS's like MacOS and
> Linux.

Both are valid PCRE regex's. However the rules regarding usage of
parenthesis for an XOR string does not explain a similar regex being
used with the filter_var() like so:

return (filter_var('kc-1', FILTER_VALIDATE_REGEXP,
? true : false;

The above returns string(4) "kc-1"

Another test using the following works similarly:

return (filter_var('u0368839', FILTER_VALIDATE_REGEXP,
array('options'=>array('regexp'=>'/^[gp|u|gx]{1,2}[\d+]{6,15}$/Di'))) ?
true : false;

The above returns string(8) "u0368839"

return (filter_var('u0368839', FILTER_VALIDATE_REGEXP,
array('options'=>array('regexp'=>'/^[gp|u|gx]{1,2}[\d+]{6,15}$/Di'))) ?
true : false;

returns string(8) "gp123456"

As you can see these three examples use the start [] as XOR conditionals
for multiple strings as prefixes.

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