I recently installed some code written for a PHP 5 environment on a
server which I thought was running PHP 5. It was a form which should
have painted at least something to the browser window. But instead, I
got a complete blank page. Come to find out that the server was actually
running PHP 4.

I've seen PHP do this before-- trying to run PHP 5 in a PHP 4
environment causes it to do every step up to the point where it sees
"future code" it doesn't understand. Then it just stops, no errors, no
panics, no nothing.

Is this expected behavior, or am I missing something? It seems like if
the PHP interpreter hit some "future code" it didn't understand, it
would issue a syntax warning or something similar. Is there some way I
can squeeze some identifiable error code out of PHP 4 to indicate it's
hit PHP 5 code it doesn't understand?


Paul M. Foster

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