Sean Greenslade wrote:

> Well, from what I saw while wading through your
code, you allow
> unsanitized
> variables to be
concatenated to your queries. Big no-no! For ANY
client-generated variable, always sanitize with
> In
> fact, sanitize all your
variables. It can't hurt.
> Also, please don't take a
request for your entire code too literally. We
> don't like to see
pages and pages and pages of code, just the pertinent
> bits.
> --
> --Zootboy
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Thanks to all, but it was an infinite loop.  there was a
while ($_parent != "0") { } loop.  In the loop the database
is queried.  If the returned number of rows is greater than 0 then
perform then grab a $_parent from the database.  At some point, there
must be a parent that is = 0 and the loop breaks.  However, if the
page is called with category number that doesn't exist, then the if/then
clause is never true and $_parent never gets set to 0.  I simply
added and else clause.
while ($_parent != 0)
($num_rows > 0)
perform some action
     $_parent =

and that solved the

Thank you, everyone for your help.  


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