On Mon, 16 May 2011 12:07:37 +0100 Stuart Dallas wrote:
> Not all functions raise PHP errors when they fail, in fact most don't. Most
> will return an error value, and a few throw exceptions.
> As the manual states, the execute method you're using will return true if it
> succeeded or false if it failed (http://php.net/pdostatement.execute). You
> can then use the errorInfo method to get details of the actual error (
> http://php.net/pdostatement.errorinfo).
> The best piece of advice I can give you if you're just starting out is...
> only ever assume that all of the code you write will fail, and make sure it
> handles failures appropriately. Any other assumptions are likely to come
> back and bite you on the arse one way or another.
> Oh, and read the manual entry for every function, class and method you're
> using thoroughly!

thanks i will do it but the most of the manual will not understand direct,
that will come with time. I have read the manual for PDO, so that i can use
it. Before i has my Script with mysqli, but i have read from Prepared
Statemants and that they more comfortable and secure and so i has write. All
was good, only that not want write in database. 

Okay thanks all, and im sorry that i disturb with the easy questions. All
mistakes in the script i has found with google and the manual, but when not
give message, there is problem. Often i not know the correct word which should
use to search. 

For example i have a HTML Table, in this are much Code for calculate the
Stock Portfolio. <Value, Dividend, Win, Lose> Thats okay, but i search a
function with can tell php that should calculate all data in table. At moment
i have write much Variables for every stock which is in Portfolio. Better
were that i can copy the mathematical formula from one row/cell in next
row/cell, like in excel. That i not found, because i not know what is the
right words for searching.

I dont know understand what i mean? My English not the best.  

Thanks for time and help.


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