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      I'm using this code:

private function HeaderEncode ($str) {
// For the compatibility with PHP versions lower than 5.3.0
if (!function_exists ('quoted_printable_encode')) {
function quoted_printable_encode ($str) {
$res=str_replace ("+", "_", str_replace ("%", "=", urlencode($str)));
return $res;
return $result;

If  you  want  to  send  mail through an SMTP server, consider using a
class written by myself :-):
The class is documented and ships with examples.

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Subject: [PHP] How to enable UTF-8 Subject String  ? Only Body is set ok


I'm trying to enable a whole Email as UTF-8 - The Body is OK but the 
Subject remains ANSI - Please help

   $headers = "From:$from". "\r\n" .
                "Reply-To:$from" . "\r\n" .
                "*Content-type:text/html;charset=utf-8;"*."\r\n" .
                "X-Mailer: PHP/".phpversion();

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