Thanks for your replys.

Of course >>PHP 2.7.2<< was a careless mistake, i meant PHP 5.2.7, to underline i'm not able to use those neat namespace features in PHP 5.3.

Let me provide you with more details.

As already mentioned cron.php should include at least two other php-scripts because shell_exec cannot be called in safe-mode (which is on). I am able to manipulate those scripts but as they could be quite complex i dont want to check precisely. But if I include them they probably could share the same classnames for a semantically different class. I just wanted to know if there is already a solution which could detect those overlappings or prevent them by consistently renaming the classes (ie class A in script1 gets class A_1 and class A in script2 gets class A_2, and all class-calls get "new A"=> ("new A_1" | "new A_2") and "A::xx" => ("A_1::xx" | "A_2::xx") ).

Is there a specification in php which says how classes could exactly be defined and called? Because im afraid that there will be more dependencies to change then (ie Same-named constructor methods (backward compatibility)). If there is i could write a script which renames the classes automatically.

Otherwise i would have to wait until server updates to >=5.3
Sincerly yours,

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