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> At a #, the fragment_id doesn't seem to reach PHP.

Correct. Since the hash symbol ("fragment identifier") signals the
beginning of the name of an internal bookmark within the document
returned by the server, browsers don't even send this as part of the
request, so it is not available to PHP. (I have seen it arrive as part
of a request, but that is a pretty good indication that the request
was submitted by a script rather than a browser.)

>From section 3.5 of RFC 3986 (http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc3986.txt)

   ...the fragment identifier is not used in the scheme-specific
   processing of a URI; instead, the fragment identifier is separated
   from the rest of the URI prior to a dereference, and thus the
   identifying information within the fragment itself is dereferenced
   solely by the user agent, regardless of the URI scheme.


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