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>Sense of Security - Security Advisory - SOS-11-007
>Release Date.               20-May-2011
>Last Update.                -
>Vendor Notification Date.   04-Apr-2011
>Product.                    Securimage / PHPCaptcha
>Platform.                   PHP
>Affected versions.          1.0.4 - 2.0.2
>Severity Rating.            Medium
>Impact.                     Authentication bypass
>Attack Vector.             Remote without authentication
>Solution Status.            Vendor workaround
>                            (remove securimage_play.php)
>CVE reference.             Not yet assigned
>PHPCaptcha, also known as Securimage, is a popular Open Source PHP
>CAPTCHA library. It is also used in popular WordPress plugins such as
>the 'Fast Secure Contact Form'. Insufficient distortion in the audio
>version of the CAPTCHA allows an attacker to quickly decode the CAPTCHA
>by performing basic binary analysis of the generated audio file. The
>issue is compounded by the fact that even if the audio feature of the
>CAPTCHA has been disabled, it can still be accessed by forceful
>browsing to the /secure_play.php URI.
>Proof of Concept.
>Proof of concept code that works against the example_form.php page and
>the MP3 file format provided with the standard PHPCaptcha package
>available from www.phpcaptcha.org is available at:
>Proof of concept code is only available for the MP3 version of the
>audio, however the WAV audio format is also affected by the same
>Remove the script securimage_play.php and disable the use of the Audio
>Discovered by.
>Phil Taylor from Sense of Security Labs.
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If you have to remove the audio part, you might as well remove the whole thing. 
It would prevent any blind or hard of seeing user from accessing said sites.

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