Dear PHP Gurus,

I have a debate on the following please let me know what is true / false.

I'am using a PHP function *is_UTF_8_file ($file_name) *that I've found as part of my PHP 5.3 installation.
This function checks if the file start with the 3 UTF-8 BOM bytes.

However another guy told me that there is way to detect if a file is a UTF-8 without having the BOM at the file start. To me it sounds impossible since if you do not have this indication you have a stream of bytes that you can never tell 100% if that is UTF-8 or else.

Who is rigt here ?
If there is a Magical function that can detect files without a BOM if they are UTF-8 or not please share you knowledge if this
is not a "NULL" or impossible function as I thought.

Many thanks for you wise advise.

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