"I often use SQL that is far, far more complex than this."
well, this is why my OQL is pretty simple, it does not intend to do any
crazy stuff that you can do with SQL (as I can load objects from SQL as

I had a look at other ORM, and the problem is that some are extremely
complicated (Doctrine is a very specialized framework, you can basically do
anything you can do with SQL but in OQL) , they don't have OQL, they use
active recode like query,  or they use a class with chain methods.

My problem in itself is not really a problem as it is working, but I just
wonder how to optimize it, if I should write some different version and
benchmark it, or identify from the beginning that my solution is good

Thanks anyway^^

On 21 May 2011 16:54, Mark Kelly <p...@wastedtimes.net> wrote:

> Hi.
> On Saturday 21 May 2011 at 15:56 jean-baptiste verrey wrote:
> > I'm writing an Object Query Language
> [snip]
> > (queries don't get much more complicated than that, you have multiple
> > alias.fieldName in the select, then multiple joins)
> I often use SQL that is far, far more complex than this.
> Anyway, I can't help directly with the code, other than to suggest that you
> take a look at other projects that do the same thing and see how they do
> it.
> There's a starter list at:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_object-relational_mapping_software#PHP
> HTH,
> Mark
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