On 23/05/11 13:12, tedd wrote:
At 9:47 AM +0100 5/23/11, Pete Ford wrote:
Finally, for some applications I have made an AJAX (javascript + PHP)
implementation which provides feedback to the user as they type in the
date field: every time a character is typed in the box, the backend is
asked to parse it and then format it in an unambiguous way and send it
back to the client. That way the user can *see* if what they are
typing is valid...
Of course, you *still* have to validate it when it's posted (and the
network overhead might be too much).

That would be interesting to see.

With a little work, I envision a way to alleviate the Europe/US date
format difference. (i.e., day/month/year : Europe vs month/day/year : US).

As the user typed in the date, the day/month problem could be shown via
string-month (i.e., Jan... ).

How does yours work?



Ah, now you're asking.
I'll have to try and extract the code into a sanitised form for public consumption: give me a little time... But yes, the string fed back to the user gives the month as a string, to avoid confusion with numeric months.

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