On May 23, 2011, at 9:28 AM, Alex Nikitin wrote:

> There is an interesting note in the comments for strcmp:
> "Well, I am using PHP 4.0 and both strcmp and strcasecmp appear to be giving 
> me very arbitrary and incomprehensible results. When I input strings, it 
> appears that "equal" strings return "1", as well as some unequal strings, and 
> that if the first argument is "smaller" then I *tend* to get negative 
> numbers, but sometimes I get 1, and if larger I *tend* to get numbers larger 
> than 1.. "
> Guessing that earlier versions of php 4 and before would give the results 
> that would have values other then 1, 0, -1, i looked through the change log, 
> but nothing immediately jumped out, there was a lot of mbstring work done, 
> and they did add the nat comparison functions, and play with the pcre engine 
> a bit, which could have caused this as an unintended result for a few 
> versions, i think though it was a bug at some point, so, maybe a php dev 
> would chime in if they remember...?
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All this confusion makes me glad that I'm using === for equality checks instead 
of strcmp. 


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