First turn your ReWriteEngine On. 
This can be done in the particular folder to allow them access to only the
one file.
You need to understand the conditions of mod_rewrite read below.


you can just use the from Germany.

It will take you through step by step in creating an htaccess.
I might suggest you do not use the password options because that to me is
not safe to use someone else's website when creating htaccess screen names
and passwords.

Richard L. Buskirk

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Subject: [PHP] htaccess question

How can I prevent access to all files in a directory except one with an

I've tried several approaches found with Googling; but, none seem to work.

<FilesMatch "^(makeScodeImg.php)">
Order Allow,Deny
Deny from all

This seems to me as it should deny to all except makeScodeImg.php


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