I'd like to check a table to retrieve rows for which one field equals one
of a set of values

#get products(fields) in category list
    while ($row = $db_connect->fetch_array($productsincategory_list)) {
       $product = $row ['selection'];
       $fields = "$fields" . " $product,";
    $fields = substr($fields,'',-1);

###### echo "$fields<br><br>";
###### $fields = Prod1, ProD2, Prod3

This ...


$store_result = $db_connect->query("select * from $sql_usertable WHERE
(($sql_usertable.product1 = '($fields)')||( $sql_usertable.product2 =
'($fields)')||($sql_usertable.product3 = '($fields)')) order by id desc
limit $entry, $entries_per_page");

doesn't work. It selects nothing (obviously because no single field equals
' (Prod1, Prod2, Prod3) '). But it's the idea. Can I change the:

= '($fields)'

syntax I'm trying?

The actual select checks more fields for this or that and gets more complicated so I'd like to keep this as simple as possible. I would like to do this without UNIONS (in one pass) if possible (my
dbsql.php doesn't seem to go beyond regular query).

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