Mr. Tejano:

Aetna/Box 60578/LA, CA 900000060-00578
457-74-9048/02 Warren Vail
Group 8--40-010-00002

Thank you for clearing this up.

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From: Jonathan Tejano [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Sent: Tuesday, July 17, 2001 7:02 AM
To: 'Warren Vail'
Subject: RE: bill

Thank you for your email. We indeed need your insurance information for
billing. Alta Bates medical Center failed to forward information to us.
Please provide us with your insurance carrier, their claims/billing address
if under a PPO plan, your member/subscriber number, and group number (if
listed in your insurance card). If you're under a HMO plan, I would need the
name of the medical group. Should you be confused or have questions
regarding whats noted above, please call the customer service number listed
on your insurance card or email back. Thanks again.

Jon Tejano
Follow-up Department
Bay Imaging Consultants Medical Group

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From: Warren Vail [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Sent: Monday, July 16, 2001 9:52 AM
Subject: bill

Don't understand why the ins. isn't covering this.  Please clarify.
00109-727779, 7/11/01, listed as self-pay???Do you need more ins. info?

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