Thanks for that straight forward response, shame other people cannot do likewise ;)

On 31/05/11 08:56, Daniel Brown wrote:
On Tue, May 31, 2011 at 10:49, Alexis<>  wrote:
And how exactly does that TELL me how to change settings? I have already
used the automated emzlm help system but that does not say a thing on the

     If you looked well enough, you'd not only see how to do it, but
also that top-posting is against the mailing list rules.  ;-P

     Go to and select the PHP General User
List as "Normal" and scroll to the bottom.  Enter your email address,
and click Unsubscribe, then verify your unsubscription request.  Then,
select the "Digest" option, add your email address again (if
necessary), and click the Subscribe button.  Verify your email
address, and voila!  You should be good to go.

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