2011/6/2 Merlin Morgenstern <merli...@fastmail.fm>:
> Hi there,
> I am working on a pretty huge site with thousands of files with php code.
> Unfortunatelly the app throws a ton of notices du to missing '' in arrays.
> Of course I could simply disable the output on the dev server to surpress
> notices, but I would rather like to get it fixed.
> Has somebody a good idea on how to fix this automated somehow with regex?
> The vars are right now: $var[element] and should be $var['element']
> I was looking into sed, but I was hoping that there is also a way in php.
> Has anybody a hint on how to get the regex done?
> I appreciate any help on that.
> Best regards,
> Merlin
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I don't have the time to write a complete script, but here is an idea

Read dir.
Foreach "File"{

    open file
    new var $NewFile
    new var $Line
  foreach "Line"{
    read new line, look for "$?[?]"

   tmp var $Pos = strpos($Line, '[')+1
   tmp var $Pos2 = strpos($NewFile, ']')
   tmp var $Ctrl = true


    if( $Line[$Pos] !='$' && $Line[$Pos] != '\''] && $Line[$Pos] !=
'"']){ //or some reg match (it's probably the wisest to use so you can
find blank spaces before $ ' or "){

        add the content of the line before $Pos-1 to $NewFile
        add ' or " to $NewFile
        add content between $Pos-1 and $Pos2 to $NewFile
        add ' or " and the ']' to $NewFile

       search the rest of the line for more arrays in the same way
        $Pos = strpos($Line, '[', $Pos2)
        $Pos2 = strpos($Line, ']' , $Pos)
        if($Pos == false || $Pos2 == false){
            $Ctrl = false
       copy the whole line to $NewFile
    add \r\n to $NewFile
 save file

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