> Stuart Dallas wrote:
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> And this is where we disagree. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and
> they're also entitled to express that opinion, whether through humour or
> simple statement. 

Somehow in your response I taste that you don't like people, whose opinion 
is that not everybody has the right to express their opinion, expressing
their opinion. Which is an annoying fact about most free speech defenders 
and liberals. 

> [SNIP]
> I repeat that tedd did
> not say anything about the religion, he simply referenced factual events.
> [SNIP]

Whilst you may have a point here, I still think that we should be cautious
with saying what somebody else meant. After all, this is how misconceptions
and rumours are spread every day.

As a last, I must say that I liked this thread better when it considered PHP
only; though being aware that this post has only extended the list by one.
Let us get over it and get back to discussing what we all *do* like: PHP.

Best regards,
Jasper Mulder
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