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> I am having a really odd Apache2/PHP problem.  My employer set up a new Web 
> server to migrate our Web sites to.  One site requires a log in and I have 
> the ability to log in a someone else.  However, when I do this, Apache throws 
> a Segmentation fault error.  It's happening when it tries to get user 
> information from the database of the user I'm logged in as.  The data is 
> stored in a FoxPro database and is retrieved through ODBC.  What is really 
> odd is that the same functions work fine until I log in as someone. All this 
> does is swap my id with the person I'm logging in as in the session variable. 
>  I have no idea why this is happening.  So, I'm hoping someone may have some 
> ideas or point in the right direction to find answers.

    A lot of times, this happens because of a bad module,
poorly-compiled core or extension, missing dependencies, or even
mismatched architecture (for example, trying to run x86_64 code on an
i386 platform).  Do you have the capability to recompile PHP and the

    Also, presuming the logs strictly show "segmentation fault" (which
is less than helpful, I know), are there any filesystem logs that
might give a hint, such as bad blocks on the drive?  Have you tried
running an fsck on the drive?

    Finally, you may want to check your core dumps and see if you can
glean any hints from there.  The file sizes themselves may even be
helpful --- for example, are you running out of disk space or memory
on that box when the code is executing?

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