xucheng wrote:

> NO, it did not take server offline and it did just say that in CLI .
> ...
> 2011/6/4  <ad...@buskirkgraphics.com>:
>> LOL,
>> That is too funny. I took the wording "System Detonation" literally.
>> Did it take your server offline or did it just say that in CLI.
>> Richard L. Buskirk
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>> I create a script with : php -r ' detonate();' via the CLI ,
>> and get this :
>> PHP Fatal error:  This system will self-destruct in five.... four....
>> three.... two.... one.... [CONNECTION TO HOST INTERRUPTED] in Command
>> line code on line 1
>> is this an expected result ?
>> 2011/6/3 Daniel Brown <danbr...@php.net>:
>>> First of all, a happy Friday to all here.  Hopefully some of you
>>> will be able to pass this on to your boss and get sent home early.
>>> Second, as dreamed up in the previous thread, I've decided to take
>>> a few moments this morning to build and release a new PHP extension,
>>> which provides a single function: detonate().
>>> Third, you can read about it and download it here:
>>> http://links.parasane.net/29nh
>>> That's all, folks.

Daniel, your work here is done :-)

For the others, please just read the source of the extension - detonate.c is
where you need to look.


David Robley

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