What do you get for ...

php -r "var_dump(realpath(null));"

I'm wondering if the result should be a boolean false.

But I'm getting very different results for different versions of PHP
for Windows.

For PHP5+ (upto lastest 5.3.7-dev), the output is always the same as getcwd()

For PHP4, some very interesting differences ...

V4.0.0 : string(5) "Z:\\/"
V4.0.1 : string(5) "z:\\/"
V4.0.1pl1 : string(5) "z:\\/"
V4.0.2 : bool(false)
V4.0.3 : bool(false)
V4.0.4 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.0.4pl1 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.0.5 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.0.6 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.1.0 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.1.1 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.1.2 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.2.0 : string(98) "D:\Personal
V4.2.1 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.2.2 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.2.3 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.2.3RC1 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.2.3RC2 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.3.0 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.3.0pre2 : string(102) "D:\Personal
V4.3.0RC1 : string(101) "D:\Personal
V4.3.0RC2 : string(101) "D:\Personal
V4.3.0RC3 : string(101) "D:\Personal
V4.3.0RC4 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.3.1 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.3.10 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.3.11 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.3.2 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.3.2RC1 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.3.2RC2 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.3.2RC3 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.3.3 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.3.3RC1 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.3.3RC2 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.3.3RC3 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.3.3RC4 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.3.4 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.3.4RC1 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.3.4RC2 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.3.4RC3 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.3.5 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.3.5RC1 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.3.5RC2 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.3.5RC3 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.3.5RC4 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.3.6 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.3.6RC1 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.3.6RC2 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.3.6RC3 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.3.7 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.3.7RC1 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.3.8 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.3.9 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.3.9RC1 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.4.0 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.4.1 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.4.2 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.4.3 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.4.4 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.4.5 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.4.6 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.4.7 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.4.8 : string(3) "z:\"
V4.4.9 : string(3) "z:\"

Z:\ is essentially the equivalent of __DIR__ in this example.

What output do you get on non Windows setups?

php -r "var_dump(realpath(null));"

If the current releases on other OS's all have output equivalent to
getcwd(), then I'll change the documentation to at least mention that
a null or empty path equates to the current working directory for V5+.


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