Windows Server 2003
PHP fastcgi 5.2


I am needing to call a php script from another language, so I am using cli.

I have it basically working but have a couple questions.

First, what is the (suggested) '-q' flag for in the shebang script?

last, my shell is returning the actual call along with the output... which I don't want the call, just the output.

ie, the call is:

[dos]php-cgi.exe -f C:\<path>\phpscript.php[/dos]

'phpscript.php' is as follows:
#!C:\<path>\php-cgi.exe -q
<?php echo "Hello world of PHP CLI!"; ?>

This is what is returned:
C:\edc>php-cgi.exe -f C:\<path>\phpscript.php
Hello world of PHP CLI!

I want only: "Hello world of PHP CLI!"

Is there a way to suppress the call?



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