Richard Quadling wrote:
On 8 June 2011 22:59, Richard Quadling<>  wrote:
But there is a tiny bug in php.
The php --ini output doesn't reflect the PHP_INI_SCAN_DIR setting.

Reported but only partially fixed. As I was using my own builds, I
didn't realise the full patch hadn't been committed.

New laptop. Using standard builds. Saw the error.

Ditto on new laptop ... I've not got the M$ build enviroment working yet all my own work is on 'Borland' as was so I've got to get that working fully first :(

Your command line stuff works, but I only use PHP with Apache. I've got a 'SetEnv PHP_INI_SCAN_DIR xxx' before the module load, but it's not reporting any extra ini's Do I need to compile with something else set - not that I can compile at all at the moment, I'm working with pre built binaries.

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