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On Jun 13, 2011, at 4:05 AM, Richard Quadling wrote:

On 12 June 2011 22:57, Tamara Temple <tamouse.li...@gmail.com> wrote:

On Jun 12, 2011, at 4:32 PM, Peter Bowers wrote:

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function sms($text,$switch=0){
     global $MessagesFmt;
     error_log(date(DATE_RFC822)." Entered sms. text=$text.
     if ($switch == true || is_array($text)) {
             $MessagesFmt[] = "<pre>" . print_r($text,true) .
     } else {
             $MessagesFmt[] = $text . "<br />\n";

#       error_log(date(DATE_RFC822)." Exit sms.\n");
    error_log(date(DATE_RFC822)." Exit


Missing arguments #2 and #3 -- try as modified above.


D'oh. Sometimes you stare and stare and stare at something and you still
don't see it. Thanks a bunch.

Would the use of ...

ini_set('display_errors', 1);

have helped during your development?

I'm not sure it would have in this case, as there were no errors from the PHP side of things -- what I had done was perfectly acceptable to PHP. error_log doesn't require the last 2 arguments and did send the message to the PHP error log with no problems. I just wasn't looking there...

I do set those values when I'm developing and testing an application typically, though, so that is good advice in general.

It's not Friday, but a general discussion of testing and debugging PHP might be a good thing, no?

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