This may be way out in left field... but since no one else seems to be

Have you considered using something like base64_encode?

That would change your image to plaintext without any characters that need
to be escaped.

The when you retrieve it you would just run it through base64_decode and

I have never tried this, and like I said there may very well be a better
(Especially since the DB is usually the bottleneck and base64_encode
actually makes the file bigger)

Let me know if that helps

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Subject: [PHP] Fw: Data from SQL to a string in a useable format

Ok, never got a reply yesterday, so I figured I'd resend this.....  can this
even be done?

How can I pull my data from my SQL db, and store it as a string so that it
can be used? Specificly, I'm working with images.

When the images are stored in the database, the only pre-processing that is
done is:

$img = addslashes(fread(fopen($userfile, "r"), filesize($userfile)));

(* note: $userfile is the file identifier from my upload form.)

I want to pull the data out of the database and store it in a string, so
that I can use imagecopyresampled to create a thumbnail, but I just can't
seem to get it to work....

please help!!!!!!

Thanks,  Jason

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