> >> out XSS out of the box.  Of course, with diligence and time we can all
> >> overcome these things, but that does not mean someone with the
> >> ambition to bang together a quick website for a relative understands
> >> the real perils they're getting into - I certainly did not.
> >
> > I'm sure Anonymous or any other hacker worth worrying about isn't looking
> to deface your grandmother's website.
> >
> > ;-)
> >

> Yes, ;-) indeed.  When you resort to personal attacks on supposed
> wealth and my poor grandmother the argument is over.  In case you
> don't understand, you lost for name calling with no sustenance in your

Huh? Name calling? What are you talking about.

You made a reference to "bang together a quick website for a relative" and how 
the frameworks give you more security and some other stuff.

My jest, which clearly you took way too personally or something, was only 
trying to say that for a 'personal website', your fears of attack by hackers 
(Anonymous being the biggest out there), is pretty slim to none. And even if 
you did get hacked (most likely by some automated script kiddie bot), who cares 
-- including you -- because it's just a silly personal home-page with pictures 
of relatives and other stupid stuff nobody but a very very very small circle of 
people give a crap about, and therefore not worth a true hacker's time.

I didn't imply wealth or lack thereof, nor did I call anyone names.

Apologies for the misunderstanding. Jeesh.


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