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>If you were to use the proper object form of it, you'd spot the
>mistake, as it will tell you that you are trying to perform an action
>on a non-object.
>It might be a bug, or the developers might not have cared figuring that
>if you threw it in an if(!...) it would validate as false anyways. But
>it.might be a bug or an oversight. It might actually be falling through
>some ifs and returning the result that was instantiated as null, I
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>Subject: [PHP] mysqli_query() returns NULL?
>Date: Fri, Jun 17, 2011 4:40 pm
>Hey everyone,
>After reading the documentation for mysqli_query(), I was lead to
>believe that on any error it would return false.  However, through a
>stupid mistake, I discovered that when I specify an invalid value for
>the database link identifier (in my case, I accidentally passed an
>integer), instead of false I get a return value of NULL.  Does anyone
>know why?
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You'll only get an error if there was an error with the query. A query that has 
no result is still a valid query, so won't return an error. It's quite common 
to check the value of mysql_num_rows() before trying to use the results of the 

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