I'm trying to convert a date and time string using strtotime()

The date and time strings are the first entry in each line in a csv file in the form:

22/06/2011 9:47:20 PM, data1, data2,...

I've been trying to use the following approach, without success:

function read_data($filename)
    $f = fopen($filename, 'r');
    while ($d = fgetcsv($f)) {

        $format = 'd/m/Y h:i:s';
        $dt = DateTime::createFromFormat($format, $d[0]);

        $data[] = array(strtotime($dt), $d[1]); //convert date/time
    return $data;

Obviously I'm not getting the $format line right, as the resulting $dt values are empty. (I have previously used this reading process successfully with better behaved date and time strings).

Advice appreciated.


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