On 06/22/2011 09:45 AM, Jim Giner wrote:
> Perhaps someone can tell me the secret to getting problem-free access to the 
> php newsgroups using OE.  I have two other newsgroup servers configured in 
> OE which do not give me any difficulties at all.  My setup for news.php.net 
> however gives me nothing but problems.  Inability to connect to messages, 
> long delays during normal polling for new items that hangs up my normal mail 
> traffic, etc.  Right now, OE indicates two new messages in the php.general 
> list, but I cannot download them at this time because OE says it cannot 
> connect (oops - just went to get the text of the message and now OE has been 
> able to connect).
> Some of the details of my config:
> server name: php.new.net
> port #: 119
> timeouts: 30 secs.
> nothing else in particular set up - same as my other "working" newsgroup 
> accounts.
> Thanks in advance. 

No secret.  This has been happening to me every day for years using
Thunderbird.  It's a news server issue that has never been corrected.


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