I am just start apologizing for my own ignorance.
In the task scheduler I told the php.exe to use a older configuration file.
TOTALLY my fault, seems PHP.ini file I used for the web was not the one I
pointed the task manager at.

Resolved and I will crawl back under my rock and read more about the proper
Arguments for task manager next time before I post.

Thanks Shiplu, and Negin for all your help.

Richard L. Buskirk

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> I am running a scheduled task for the first time since switching from
> to Windows IIS 
> I am getting an error when the task runs.
> Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect()
> I ran php.exe -m to see that the MySQL Module is loaded.
> I have no issues unless I am running a php file in the Scheduled task.
> Any help would be appreciated

Create a sample scheduled task with a sample.php file. In that file call
phpinfo() and save that content. After finishing the task find the
configuration file (php.ini) location in your saved content. Just make sure
mysql is  activated there.
Good luck
> Richard L. Buskirk

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