On 06/27/2011 10:13 PM, Grant Peel wrote:
> Hi all,
> Up to this point we have been running PHP as an Apache 22 module.
> We would like to rebuild PHP over the next few weeks to run it as a CGI/CLI 
> PHPSuexec system.
> I am hoping there may be others that have made this migration and might have 
> a step by step how to (so far research shows it should be reasonably simple 
> to do), and would be willing to share it.
> Right now we have 
> FreeBSD 8.0
> Apache22 built from ports, with apache suexec enabled,
> PHP5 Built from ports,
> Any hints are appreciated,
> -G

PHP in CGI sucks at performance, you should give a thought to fastcgi +
php + suexec as in here: http://forum.linode.com/viewtopic.php?t=2982
Though its written for ubuntu, you can derive some tricks from there.
I don't know if php-fpm + suexec is possible. php-fpm is best for fastcgi.

Nilesh Govindarajan

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