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> Hi everybody,

Hi Dr Nick!

I have developed an ORM framework in PHP for the last 2 years and it's
> becoming a more professional and nice solution so before doing a
> new complete revamp I am going to look for volunteer developers to do a
> real
> good version.
> But I am wondering what would be the best and clearest way to present the
>  project in order to get some people interested in it ?
> I was thinking about
> - showing the previous versions
> - showing use cases
> - showing unit testing (I'm doing test driven development)
> - a short user manual (the project doesn't have any user manual yet!)

The best way to get other developers interested in contributing to your
project is to not ask for it. Build something they want to use, put a
mechanism in place for them to contribute patches and new features, and let
it happen naturally. You can't force developers to contribute to your
project without paying them.

As Jay mentioned, GitHub is a great place to share code, and it would appear
to be far more popular than Sourceforge these  days. It has features that
allow other developers to fork your code and contribute changes back to your
repository. However, it doesn't really matter where you put it because most
of the interest in it will come from other things you do to spread the word.

Contribute to PHP mailing lists and put a link to your project in your
signature. Do the same on forums and any other channels where you can engage
with your intended audience, but don't force it down their throats. Give
your project lots of exposure, but don't ask developers to contribute - let
them discover/decide how worthy your project is of their attention and
efforts on their own. That's the only way to build a quality bunch of


Stuart Dallas
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