A client has:
PHP 5.3 on Win7x64 running a local web app that needs to send mail. (This app 
was once hosted on a linux-based hosted space.) Apache 2.2 is installed but 
apparently not being used. I think the IIS service is actually the web server 
that is engaged.

During troubleshooting a wide range of problems, I discovered that the PEAR 
Mail module needed to be installed. So I installed PEAR (the PEAR Installer) 
and the Mail module with all dependencies. The PEAR_ENV was added. The system 
was rebooted.

A test php script instantiates the Mail class and the script proceeds fine 
until the send() method is called. I get a browser with "Waiting for localhost" 
for more than 60 seconds. (I used die(); to trace the script. Instead of 
'auth'=> true, I used 'auth' => "PLAIN" as suggested by a user comment on the 
Mail documentation page.)

I believe all the parameters are correct. The actual web app works - except 

I added a firewall rule allowing outbound port 465 just for kicks.

I can double-check for the PHP timeout setting but would PHP timeout in this 
case (waiting for a socket??)?

Any suggestions?

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