I'm actually interested in finding out if there are any languages that don't
suck in any way... I know and have programmed in about 29, i have yet to
find a language that makes 100% sense and i have no complaints about.
However i still choose PHP over many, many other languages and i implement
php apis because its such an easy to learn, versatile, and as advanced as
you want to make it language; i mean i've written vfat in php for fun, as
well as self-documenting or self-correcting libraries with reflection,
advanced sorting algorithms (like a pimped radix sort that did positive, and
negative integers and floats), and yet teach people how to write stuff in
php in minutes, people never exposed to programming...

In short, PHP does suck, but so do all languages, so when compared, php
actually doesn't suck anywhere near as much as some other oftenly used

Anyways, just my $.02

With Regards...

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