On Wed, Jul 13, 2011 at 16:57, Tim Streater <timstrea...@greenbee.net> wrote:
> Looking over the definition of a function today I see:
>    Function names follow the same rules as other labels in PHP.
> but I can't find the definition of a label anywhere. I can't see it listed in 
> the contents - have I overlooked it? If not, how can I request the the doccy 
> be updated?

    In this context, a label refers to the human-readable text
referencing the underlying bits and bytes.  Variables, function names,
class definitions, et cetera, are all considered labels, or - in
another way of explaining it - an alias to the corresponding program

    The second part of your message is simple: look at the top-right
section of any document entry and you'll see, just to the left of the
"last updated" string, an [edit] link.  Click that, and you're on your
way.  The documentation won't update immediately, and your changes
will have to be reviewed by someone here on the Docs team, of course,
but you're certainly welcome - and encouraged - to contribute if you'd

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