The third and hopefully final release candidate of 5.3.7 was just
released for testing and can be downloaded here: (md5sum:
0ad46340ca3d4319ab10eac4a3978ae0) (md5sum:

The Windows binaries are available at:

Given the volume of fixes since RC2 it was deemed necessary to make
another to ensure that there are no regressions. The intent is that
this is the final release candidate before the final release, which if
all goes well will follow in 2 weeks. PHP 5.3.7 is focused on
improving the stability and security. To ensure that the release is
solid, please test this RC against your code base and report any
problems that you encounter.

To find out what was changed since the last release please refer to
the NEWS file found within the archive or on

Windows users please mind that we don't provide VS6 builds anymore
since PHP 5.3.6.

Ilia Alshanetsky

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