Those versions are important ones. For the first time, you can
configure Apache (httpd.conf) and PHP (php.ini) directly from the
administration page. Thus, you can adapt easily the environment to
your needs.

Screenshots :

EasyPHP is 11 years old now. It exists since 2000 (we were dealing
with PHP/Fi, PHP2 at this time). This is the first WAMP package ever
EasyPHP can be installed anywhere : hard drive, USB drive...
You can also install modules (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, Prestashop,
Spip...). That means that you can install a version of WordPress,
Spip, Prestashop, Drupal... and test it immediately. It's
pre-configured. Perfect if you want to discover the last version of an

Through the administration you can easily list the docroot,
extensions, change the Apache port, the timezone, max execution time,
error reporting, upload max filesize, add/remove alias, manage

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