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> >> that I will get an error if I try to reference $info["extension"]
> ??
> >
> > From what I can tell via reading the docs:
> >
> > "The following associative array elements are returned: dirname,
> > basename, extension (if any), and filename."
> > <http://php.net/pathinfo>
> >
> > Makes me think that if the extension does not exist, then the
> > "extension" key will not exist.
> Seems to me that's the case. However the doc is ambiguous,
> especially as I *asked* for that key to be returned. IMO it should
> exist and be empty. Not existing is only OK if I didn't ask for it.

This is how you tell the difference between a basename with a null
extension ("/path/filename.") and no extension ("/path/filename").
In the former case you get $info["extension"]=>"", in the latter
there is no ["extension"] element in the returned array.

This does seem like the most logical way to make this distinction,
but the manual could use a bit of work to document this and other
edge cases more explicitly.



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