On 28.07.2011 03:58, Jason Pruim wrote:
Hey everyone,
So I know this is related pretty strictly to paypal... But I also know that you 
all most likely use it :)
So with that said... Has anyone successfully setup the IPN with paypal? I'm 
trying to figure out to get it up and working...

Hi Jason,
I might be able to help you with that. I don't have IPN integrated into my site yet but I have a script running which is inserting the transaction values into my db. It also sends out e-mails since I am testing how my existing subscriptions are handled so I don't run into any surprises when I turn on automation.

You need to import the .sql into your mysql db and edit the settings at the top of the ipn file. Then rename the ipn file to something nobody should be able to guess and tell PayPal about it ... let me know if you run into trouble...

md5: 09f3f92050264c370ada7944555373ce PayPal IPN.zip

Good luck

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