I haven't been to Barnes & Noble yet, so I'm not sure if I will get the
O'Reilly or the Wrox book yet, but supposing I went with O'Reilly, I wonder
which would be better: Learning Perl 3rd Edition, or Learning Perl on Win32
Systems? I don't have much experience with Unix or Linux (minimal), but on
the other hand, I use Windows ME, not NT. Also, I wonder if the Learning
Perl on Win32 book might not me geared more towards NT administrators (I'm a
web designer). Sorry this is so OT, but I really need to know and you people
are the experts.


>I'd go for it. Perl can be messy, but it is also quite powerful and
>doesn't HAVE to be messy. It is EVERYWHERE both in terms of availability
>and use. But most of all, it is a fun language to play with... and if you
>do any system admin it is an indispensable tool.

>I recommend _Beginning Perl_ from Wrox over _Learning Perl_ by O'Reilly,
>but only by a hair. Both are good.


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