lol wow ok thanks, Im very new to coding, started html about 2 months ago, so ty for letting me know the security of the language! is there any place where i can read (other than the php manual), about a tutorial on security?

On Aug 04, 2011, at 10:49 PM, Negin Nickparsa <> wrote:

it is better to use this one:

if you don't use this by inputting  just a qoute or this input '--'
a hacker can easily hack your syntax 

in another steps your site will send a message like:
error in mysql on this line lob lob ..

in this part he will find your server that it is my sql:D
he/she will try anither syntaxes and by errors he/she finds your table names
and ...:D
you know how bad:D

then obey the security rules

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