Regardless, I am the beneficiary of someone's good work all these years and I, for one, appreciate it.


On 8/5/11 4:45 AM, David Robley wrote:
Daniel Brown wrote:

On Thu, Aug 4, 2011 at 10:39, Jim Giner<>
Mailing list, newsgroup, either one - something's changed in the last
week or so to interrupt the smooth (or semi-smooth) functioning of it.
The only messages I'm seeing currently are the ones in this single topic.
  Why is that???
     Actually, we haven't changed anything at all.  It's always been
temperamental, but it's always just been a small additional offering.
As Ash said, this is a mailing list, not a newsgroup.  The fact that
we offer a newsgroup interface at all is by all means eligible for
discontinuation, since only about six people use it in any given year.

/me wonders who the other five are :-)


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