Well, If I'm right.  The total number of posible combinations in the NJ
state lottery, assuming there are, say, 56 numbers is 

var total = 56;

total*(total-1)*(total-2)*(total-3)*(total-4)*(total-5) == 23377273920:1

Now that assuming one number was pulled from the pot and the same number
didn't exists in the pot.  Now, please anyone correct me if I'm wrong,
but I believe the solution to rm's quesion is as follows:

var dp_menus = 4   // Number of drop-down menus
var dp_items = 5   // Number of dp_items per menu

dp_menus^dp_items == 1024:1 //Total number of possibilities

Does that look right?  I hope this helps


Rm wrote:
> if i have four drop down menus with five values in
> each, and the values are the same for each of the four
> drop down menus, how many variations are there without
>  duplicates, any dups,
> I though the formula was 5 to the 4th power minus 5,
> this can't possibly be right.
> math impaired and trying to fake it....
> rm
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