I've inherited a bunch of code and the previous developers have done two
things that are really bugging me and I want to clean up.
[a] They use short-tag "<?" instead of "<?php". Anyone have some good
search/replace style Regex (ideally for ZendStudio/Eclipse) that will run
through all the files in the project and fix those? There are lots of cases
to account for such as a space after the ? or nospace or a newline or even
other text (which are all valid cases).
[b] The other thing they do use use register_globals in the php.ini file. Is
there a good way to see all the variables that a page uses? Something I can
print at the bottom of the page on my dev box - ideally with enough
introspection to know where that variable originated from, and then I can
start converting things to $_GET, $_POST,  $_SESSION, $_COOKIE, etc.

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