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>How do I preserve text formatting when text is inserted into a database
>For example: I am using a textarea to allow users to leave comments
>into the database and I am using:
>'" . mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['store_comments']) . "',  to
>prevent SQL injection;
>But when I call the data with php from the database the format it was
>inserted is not preserved. Is there a way to make sure when a user
>adds new paragraphs or indentation it will be preserved?
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Are you sure its not preserved? When you output text in a browser, by default 
its output as html, not plain text. Html ignores extraneous whitespace, and 
doesn't use a monospaced font, so formatting text into columns in a textarea 
won't work either. Look at the html source code to see what is actually being 

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