There was a topic on that a while ago and I am now reading Introducing
HTML 5 from Bruce Lawson and Remy Sharp (pages 58-59) in mental
hospital. It is not
so bad as it seems, but I do not read email every day. They do not
have wireless :(

All four are valid in html5: em and strong marks up for
emphasis/importance that subtly changes the meaning of the sentence.
Examples: "Do you live in Paris?" <p>Np, my <em>name</em> is Paris. I
live in <em>Ljubljana</em>.</p><p><strong>Warning! This is a nudistic

<i>:alternate voice or mood, taxonomic designation, technical term,
idiomatic phrase from another language, a thought, a ship name or
prose whose typographical presentation is italicized
<p>The <i>Titanic</i> sails.</p><p>The design needs a bit more <i
lang="fr">ooh la la</i></p><p><i>Gluteus maximus</i>

<b>:no extra importance, key words, document abstract, product names
in a review or just spans of text whose typicial typographic
presentation is boldened.
<p>I like <b>ice cream</b>, so for my birthday they gave me <b>an ice
cream maker machine</b>

It is no longer necessary to put attributes in quotes unless there is
space in the attribute word. But I still put them :).
<small> is now for smallprint copyright notice - the meaning of small
has changed</small>

<applet> is deprecated, use <embed> instead and <embed> is not
deprecated anymore.

And it is a very good book so far (two chapters).

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