I have some HTML text using truetype fonts which i have to convert to UTF8
encoded unicode characters. I am just trying to replace the truetype font

The problem is that somehow the HTML tags also get converted to UTF8 :-(

I do a lot of str_replace such as the following:
$body = str_replace("þ", "க்ஷ", $body);
$body = str_replace("þ£", "க்ஷா", $body);
$body = str_replace("¬þ", "க்ஷை", $body);
$body = str_replace("V", "க்ஷி", $body);
$body = str_replace("r", "க்ஷீ", $body);
$body = str_replace("þ§", "க்ஷு", $body);
$body = str_replace("þ¨", "க்ஷூ", $body);

I guess i am missing something as silly as encoding the characters into
certain type of  strings, do the conversion and then convert to back to UTF8

How best to do this? Sorry if this is a very basic question. Thanks a lot in



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