Robert Cummings <> writes:

> On 11-08-29 03:42 PM, Rico Secada wrote:
>> You go into your homemade library of code to re-use some piece that you
>> already are using 12 other places in production. Now, last time you
>> worked on the code you thought it was almost perfect. While working on
>> the code this time you find an undiscovered bug or some part of the
>> code that looks like you where on drugs when you made it.

More an issue with library management  :) "git checkout releaseV1.1" ;))))

> *lol* Yes, I think we've all seen it from time to time. Have you ever gone 
> back
> and looked at your school assignments in coding? *shudder*. The horror is
> compounded by the fact I was using K&R style indentation back then ;)

small point of order : K&R indentation is still considered by many as
the cleanest and is used on many many large code bases. Personally I
much prefer




as the first one is two boundary balanced. But like emacs vs vi it's a
religious issue....

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