"Jen Rasmussen" <j...@cetaceasound.com> writes:

> Peet,
> Could you do something like this instead? This is using named placeholders
> and a separate line for your statement
> but I was able to get it to echo the statement in this manner. 
> $sql = "UPDATE table SET field1=:field1, field2=:field2 WHERE id=:id";
>               $sth = $dbh->prepare($sql);
>               $sth->execute(array(":field1"=>$field1,
>                                          ": field2"=>$ field2,
>                                          ": id"=>$id));

Hi Jen, could you point me to a document/man page for PHP which explains
that : notation in $sql= line please. I'm sure its common to everyone
here but, well, I never saw it before ;(

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