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> Am Mittwoch, 31. August 2011, 20:48:37 schrieb Shawn McKenzie:
>> On 08/31/2011 09:03 AM, magic-...@damage.devloop.de wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I have opend Bug #51739 in 2010. It was closed as bogus before my last
>>> question was answered. It would be fine to know what you think about
>>> that bug.
>>> In short:
>>> var_dump((float)"8315e839da08e2a7afe6dd12ec58245d");
>>> results in float(INF)
>>> This is because "8315" is treated as base and
>>> "e839da08e2a7afe6dd12ec58245d" is treated as an exponent. My hint that
>>> "e839da08e2a7afe6dd12ec58245d" is not a valid exponent was not answered.
>>> What do you think about?
>>> cheers
>>> Daniel
>> The cast to float is truncating the invalid characters and since your
>> string contains a float that is INF (8315e839) before the truncation at
>> the "d", then it returns INF.  Makes perfect sense.
> This is what drives me crazy.
> If I use a string in PHP I don't want PHP to cut this string. Either it uses 
> this string as it is or it gives me an error/warning/false (what ever...). 
> But 
> silently(!!!) using a small piece of a string is not understandable.
> cheers
> Daniel

The manual clearly states this is how a string is converted into a number: 

"The value is given by the initial portion of the string. If the string starts 
with valid numeric data, this will be the value used. Otherwise, the value will 
be 0 (zero). Valid numeric data is an optional sign, followed by one or more 
digits (optionally containing a decimal point), followed by an optional 
exponent. The exponent is an 'e' or 'E' followed by one or more digits."

If you don't want the string turned into a number using the documented method, 
don't use it as one.
Simon Welsh
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